Michael Scott: The posterboy of personal Selling

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Michael Scott, the regional manager of the fictional Dunder Mifflin paper company from NBC’s “The Office”, may be one of the greatest examples of how to sell with a personal touch. In the show we are able to get glimpses of Michael’s past as the company’s greatest salesman. In multiple episodes Michael is brought into make big sales. The style with which he sells leads to him landing major clients which may be why Scranton was constantly the most successful branch of the company. In order to make sales in a dying paper business with large suppliers offering lower prices the only Dunder Mifflin relied on it’s customer service and Michael Scott while selling is the embodiment of the customer service. Michael’s selling style focuses heavily on making it personal, in the season 5 episode “Prince Family Paper” Michael says “business is always personal, it’s the most personal thing in the world.” and this exactly the attitude with which Michael approaches every sale. We are able to see him step down from his role of manager to help out the sales team a few times but there are two episodes that really show Michael’s selling process and those are the season 2 episode “the client” and the season 4 episode “money”.  In “the client” Michael and Jan are tasked with attempting to land an entire county as a client, Jan wants to get straight into business but Michael takes it slower and enjoys dinner while making jokes and really getting to know the client and establish a personal relationship before getting into business. After some time Michael finally gets to business and is able to use his growing up in the county and says that the discount suppliers undercut smaller businesses like Dunder MIfflin until they’re out of business and then jack up the prices and thanks to the personal relationship established with the client, he lands the sale. In “money” Michael takes a job at night selling weight loss medication and here we see Michael once again establishing personal relationships rather than reading from the script hes given. Michael’s personal touch in sales allows him to land sales. By making sales personal rather than just another business transaction allows the salesman to distinguish themselves from the rest and make sales because people enjoy human interaction.


Sell products Online without the stress of clearing inventory with drop shipping.

With Amazons meteoric rise over the last decade it has become clear that e-commerce is  future of purchasing.  Many people have wanted to get it on this lucrative business but just don’t know how. Buying stock and then having to figure out how to sell the product ship it and clear inventory can be stressful but there is a solution and that is drop shipping.

“What is drop shipping?” you may ask, Drop shipping is when a company stocks the items, and sends them directly to your customers.Usually when you have an online store, you need to purchase stock. You then need to send individual items to your customers.  You need to buy stock in advance.Drop shipping lets you skip this step.  When a customer buys an item from you, you contact the drop shipping company (otherwise known as a drop shipper) and purchase the item from them. They will then send this item directly to your customer. This removes the risk from buying and selling online. With drop shipping you don’t have the hassle of clearing inventory all you need to do is drive people to your online store and close the sale and the drop shipper handles the rest.

Now, opening your own online store, two popular ones are through Ebay and Amazon but many people opt to make their own stores if they have the expertise to to avoid the fees of the other websites. If you don’t know how to make your own website then you can easily do it with the help of Salehoo’s training. Once you create your website you can begin to make money by marking up the prices by 10-50%. An important first step to creating your online store is finding the right niche for you.

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Get a job using social media

Social media is a great source for advertising and it continues to grow, I use it myself to promote my content. If you have experience using social media there are companies that will pay you for using your expertise to help them use their social media to expand their businesses. Social media will continue to grow and many businesses are looking to get into it to promote themselves but don’t know how to and that’s why they’re looking for people just like you. Some of the potential jobs are:

  • Posting Facebook comments – $25 per hour
  • Commenting on and ‘liking’ YouTube videos $20 per hour
  • Tweeting’ special offers and promotions – $200 per week part time
  • Social Media Manager – $1050 per week full time
  • Managing Facebook groups and contests $27 per ho

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Amazon Business Account

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